/ E5kju:t; E`kjut/ adj (-r, -st)
very great; severe 极大的; 严重的: suffer acute hardship 遭受极大的苦难 * There's an acute shortage of water. 严重缺水.
(a) (of feelings or the senses) keen; sharp; penetrating (指感觉或感官)敏锐的, 深刻的, 剧烈的: suffer acute pain, embarrassment, remorse, etc 感到剧烈的疼痛﹑ 极度的尴尬﹑ 深深的懊悔等 * Dogs have an acute sense of smell. 狗的嗅觉很敏锐. (b) shrewd; perceptive 精明的; 有观察力的: He is an acute observer. 他是个敏锐的观察家. * Her judgement is acute. 她的判断力很强.
(of an illness) coming quickly to the most severe or critical stage (指疾病)急性的: acute appendicitis 急性阑尾炎 * an acute patient, ie one whose illness has reached this stage 患急性病的病人. Cf 参看 chronic. > acutely adv: I am acutely aware of the difficulty we face. 我深切地了解我们所面临的困难. acuteness n [U].
# acute `accent mark over a vowel () as over e in cafe 锐音符, 锐重音(标在元音上方的变音符号, 如cafe一字中e上方的 ).
acute `angle angle of less than 90 锐角(小於90的角). =>illus at angle 见angle之插图.