/ E5kju:z; E`kjuz/ v [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (of sth) say that sb has done wrong, is guilty (of sth) or has broken the law 指责某人有错﹑ 犯(某)罪或犯法; 指控; 控告; 谴责: accuse sb of cheating, cowardice, theft 谴责某人欺诈﹑ 指责某人怯懦﹑ 控告某人偷窃.
> accusatory / E5kju:zEtErI; [email protected] -tR:rI; E`kjuzE9tRrI/ adj of or indicating an accusation 指责的; 谴责的; 控告的: accusatory remarks, glances 责备的言语﹑ 目光.
the accused n (pl unchanged 复数不变) person charged in a criminal case 刑事被告: The accused was/were acquitted of the charge. 被告被宣告无罪.
accuser n.
accusingly / E5kju:zINlI; E`kjuzINlI/ adv in an accusing manner 以谴责或控告的态度: look, point, etc accusingly at sb 以责备的态度看着﹑ 指着...某人.