/ E5kju:mjUleIt; E`kjumjE9let/ v
[Tn] gradually get or gather together an increasing number or quantity of (sth); get (sth) in this way 积累, 聚积(某物); 聚集而成(某事物): accumulate books, a library 收藏书籍﹑ 集成书库 * accumulate enough evidence to ensure his conviction 搜集足够的证据以给他定罪 * By investing wisely she accumulated a fortune. 她由於投资精明而积蓄了一笔财产. * My savings are accumulating interest. 我的储蓄不断生息.
[I] increase in number or quantity 增加: Dust and dirt soon accumulate if a house is not cleaned regularly. 房屋不经常打扫, 尘土很快就越积越多. > accumulation / E9kju:mjU5leIFn; E9kjumjE`leFEn/ n [U, C]: the accumulation of money, knowledge, experience 金钱﹑ 知识﹑ 经验的积累 * an accumulation of unwanted rubbish 多余的废物成堆.