/ 5Aksent, 5AksEnt; `AksZnt/ n
[C] emphasis given to a syllable or word by means of stress or pitch 重音(用重读或提高音调的方法使一音节或词突出): In the word `today' the accent is on the second syllable. today一字的重音在第二个音节上.
[C] mark or symbol, usu above a letter, used in writing and printing to indicate such emphasis or the quality of a vowel sound 重音符号(用於书写印刷中, 表示一元音的重音或音值的符号, 通常标在字母上方).
[C, U] national, local or individual way of pronouncing words (民族﹑ 地方或个人的)口音, 腔调, 土腔: speak English with a foreign accent 说英语带外国腔 * have an American accent 有美国口音 * a voice without (a trace of) accent 不带(丝毫)地方口音的声音. Cf 参看 brogue, dialect.
[C usu sing, U 作可数名词时通常作单数, 亦作不可数名词] special emphasis given to sth (对某事物的)强调; 重点: In all our products the accent is on quality. 在我们一切产品中, 最重视的就是质量.
> accent / Ak5sent; `AksZnt/ v [Tn]
1 pronounce (a word or syllable) with emphasis 重读(一词或音节).
2 write accents on (words, etc) 把重音符号加在(词等)上.