/ Ek5selEreIt; Ek`sZlE9ret/ v
[Tn] make (sth) move faster or happen earlier; increase the speed of 使(某事物)加快; 促进(某事物); 加速: accelerating the rate of growth 提高生长率.
[I] move or happen more quickly 加速; 加快: The car accelerated as it overtook me. 那辆汽车一加速就超越了我. Cf 参看 decelerate.
> acceleration / Ek9selE5reIFn; Ek9sZlE`reFEn/ n [U]
1 making or being made quicker; increase in speed 加快; 促进; 加速: an acceleration in the rate of economic growth 经济发展速率的增长.
2 (of a vehicle) ability to gain speed (指车辆)加速性能: a car with good acceleration 加速性能良好的汽车.