2 / 5AbstrAkt; Ab`strAkt/ n
abstract idea or quality 抽象; 抽象的概念; 抽象性.
example of abstract art 抽象派艺术品: a painter of abstracts 抽象画的画家.
short account of the contents of a book, etc; summary (书籍等的)摘要; 概括: an abstract of a lecture 讲演的摘要.
(idm 习语) in the `abstract in a theoretical way 抽象地; 在理论上: Consider the problem in the abstract, ie as if it had no relation to any specific object, person, fact, etc. 就事论事地考虑一下这一问题(假定不涉及任何具体对象﹑ 个人﹑ 事实等).