/ 5p\:Fn; [email protected] 5p\:rVn; `p[VEn/ adj of Persia (now called Iran), its people or its language 波斯(现称伊朗)的; 波斯人的; 波斯语的.
> Persian n
[C] inhabitant of Persia 波斯人.
[U] language of Persia 波斯语.
# ,Persian `carpet (also ,Persian `rug) carpet of traditional design from the Near East, handmade from silk or wool 波斯地毯.
,Persian `cat (also Persian) type of pure-bred cat with long silky hair 波斯猫.
,Persian `lamb silky curled fur, usu black, of a type of Asian lamb, used for coats; astrakhan 波斯羔羊皮(通常为黑色).