/ dQtF; dQtF/ adj
of the Netherlands (Holland), its people or their language 荷兰的; 荷兰人的; 荷兰语的.
(idm 习语) Dutch courage (infml joc 口, 谑) courage that comes from drinking alcohol 酒後之勇. a Dutch treat a meal, an entertainment, etc at which each person pays for himself 各自付费的聚餐﹑ 娱乐等. go Dutch (with sb) share expenses 均摊费用. talk (to sb) like a Dutch uncle => talk2.
> Dutch n
1 the Dutch [pl v] the people of the Netherlands 荷兰人.
2 [U] the language of the Dutch 荷兰语. Cf 参看 double Dutch (double1).
# ,Dutch `auction sale in which the price is gradually reduced until a buyer is found 降价式拍卖(逐渐降价直至有人购买为止).
,Dutch `barn farm building consisting of a roof supported on poles, without walls, used as a shelter for hay, etc (放乾草等的)棚子.
,Dutch `cap = diaphragm 4.
,Dutch `elm disease disease that kills elm trees, caused by a fungus 荷兰榆树病.
`Dutchman / -mEn; -mEn/ n (pl -men) 1 native of the Netherlands 荷兰人.
(idm 习语) I'm a Dutchman! (used to express incredulity 用以表示难以置信): If he's only twenty-five, I'm a Dutchman! 要说他只有二十五岁, 我才不信呢!
,Dutch `oven covered container used for cooking meat, etc slowly 荷兰炖锅.